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Offering a range of sacred & spiritual

services to visitors, guests, seekers & pilgrims,

as well as to the communities of these magical islands ...

Orkney is a magical, sacred and spiritual place ...

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...  along with Iona, Newgrange, Stonehenge, Glastonbury and many other sites, Orkney is acknowledged as one of the world's "thin places": a place where the veil between this world and the others is particularly permeable.  


Orkney calls and tugs the souls of so many people, making it the perfect place for pilgrimage.  


Here are just some of the reasons why people visit Orkney:

  • Astoundingly important and well-preserved archaeology

  • Fascinating history

  • Some of the best wildlife in the world

  • Stunning scenery

  • Folklore, traditions and legends - selkies, Fin Folk, trowies & witches

  • Delicious food and drink

  • Foot-tapping traditional and folk music!

  • Vibrant arts and crafts

  • Peace and quiet

  • Ness of Brodgar excavations

  • ... and incredibly friendly and hospitable people


Why use a tourist guide?


A good guide will provide you with insight and depth of knowledge of the local area. If you haven't got very long in Orkney, a guide will help you to make the best use of your time. A guide will know which sites have to be pre-booked well in advance to save disappointment (and will do the pre-booking for you). A guide may save you money by designing an efficient route and advising on the cheapest ways to buy tickets and souvenirs.


Why use Spiritual Orkney?


We offer guided "tours with more" ... specialising in prehistoric archaeology and Orkney's folklore, we would love to help you to make the most of your visit ... so, when will you be arriving?