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Tours of the Ness of Brodgar

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The Ness of Brodgar is an incredibly important site to our understanding of the Neolithic.  

Both Mark and Helen have excavated at the Ness of Brodgar; Helen continues to facillitate the annual Digging up the Past project. 


From early-July to end-August we offer walking tours of the Ness of Brodgar. Our tours set this extremely important excavation site in the fuller context of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Heart of Neolithic Orkney and reveals the parallels with Barnhouse Village. (See below for tours at other times of the year.)


This tour takes approximately 3-4 hours and the charge is £20 per person (minimum charge £60, for parties of more than 3 the per person fee will be reduced).


A walking tour provides an opportunity to experience the landscape as our Neolithic ancestors might have done, at an unrushed pace, able to absorb the special energies. You will need to be able to walk for about 4 miles / 3 kms at a reasonable pace. Dress according to the weather and your comfort. Walking boots are preferably. Much of the terrain is uneven. There are no toilets on this tour; bring your own snacks and drinks. Sites in BOLD are guided.


  • Meet car park at Standing Stones of Stenness, walk to Barnhouse Village past the site of the Odin Stone (no longer standing)

  • Walk past the Watchstone to The Ness of Brodgar excavation site along the banks of the Loch of Harray

  • Walk to the Ring of Brodgar via the Comet Stone, viewing some of the other tumuli in the surrounding area

  • View some of the features of the ritual landscape to the north from the vantage point of the Ring of Brodgar

  • Walk back along the banks of the Loch of Stenness with a chance to spot wildlife such as brown hares, grey seals, short-eared owls, plus learn about the folklore and legends associated with the Ring of Brodgar


Please note that Historic Scotland Rangers provide tours of these individual sites which are free of charge; our service is offered to guests who wish to have a less crowded experience of these sites, tailored specifically to them, with a chance to ask questions, explore at their leisure, and to see how the sites inter-relate to create a ritual landscape.


At other times of the year, when the excavation is not taking place, we offer this tour but only walk past the Ness of Brodgar without visiting the site (there is very little to see at this site when the excavation is not in progress), the tour in this format is usually incorporated into a half day tour.

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