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Tour Guiding Fees

We try to keep our guiding fees as competitively priced as possible because we love showing people around Orkney and we'd rather be working than not working! These fees are for guiding only as a step-on guide (see below). These charges do not include your entrance fees, travel fares or refreshments - but we will advise in advance of any such charges and will endeavour to assist you in purchasing the most economical entrance fee and suggest refreshments / hostelries suitable to your budget.


Peak season (May - September inclusive)


For couples and small groups (up to 4 people, or 2 adults + children):

  • £70 per half day (about 4 hours, usually morning or afternoon)

  • £130 per day (about 8 hours)


For individuals and lone travellers we offer a 15% DISCOUNT on the above rates:

  • £60 per half day

  • £110 per day


For larger, privately organised, tour groups (up to 40 people):

  • £110 per half day (up to 4 hours)

  • £190 per day (up to 8 hours)


For commercial agencies and travel agents we charge full STGA recommended rates:

  • £150-£175 per half day (up to 4 hours)

  • £215-£270 per day (up to 8 hours)

Refer: www.stga.co.uk/about-stga/stga-terms-and-conditions


Additional charges may apply if different pick-up and drop-off points are required, or if you require to be met from St Margaret's Hope or Burwick.


Also, special offer for individuals, couples and small groups only:


Outside peak season (October - April inclusive) by negotiation


Please note that we are only insured to provide walking tours or "step-on" tours (which is where we join you as a passenger in your own or a hired car). You can drive your own car or hire a car and drive yourself, or you can hire a taxi and driver; then take us as one of your passengers. For 2018, taxi costs set by Orkney Islands Council are about £35 per hour for a car and driver or about £52.50 per hour for a people carrier and driver. If you wish to have a car and driver then we have a special arrangement with Orkney Taxis who will provide this at a TOTAL cost of around £300 per day or £150 per half day (this is the total cost to you for a taxi, a driver, AND a guide).  Maximum 3 people.


Your tours can be:

  • walking tours

  • tours where you drive in your own car or in a car which you hire

  • tours in a vehicle where you also hire a driver (such as a taxi)

  • tours accompanying you on public transport (we would expect you to pay our fare but we can advise on time-tables and pre-book if necessary)

  • bicycling tours (within reason!)


We both have our own transport and can meet you at the starting point of your choice (the tour would also need to end here, so we can collect our car, or an additional charge may apply).  


These charges include a personal itinerary, planned just for you and based on your individual interests - this service is also available without guiding from £15 depending on number of days the itinerary is planned for. Our local knowledge will provide you with grid co-ordinates, detailed and clear directions, opening and accessible times of sites, plus a suggested route with the potential to save your mileage.

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