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"We were only on Orkney for four days, but thanks to Helen and Mark’s expert guidance we feel we really got to know the island in a way that would have been impossible if we had visited the sites and toured the islands on our own. Their intimate knowledge of local history and culture, and their appreciation of its magical, folkloric and spiritual aspects were invaluable.”

Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids


"A huge THANK YOU for the fabulous tour which you treated us to and which was perfect for putting things into context at the beginning of our holiday … How great that you are an outpost of spirituality for all who travel so far; we think you're doing wonderful work."

Penny & Arthur Billington, Druidic author & artist


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"Just thought I'd write to say 'thank you' for the fabulous tours you did for all of us. Your enthusiasm and knowledge is amazing ... immense!! You definitely made the trip, it was a valuable and entertaining education. For 6 strangers and a guide to come together as one like that was a great experience. On the days we were on our own, we were able to fall back on the itinerary you had supplied us. We have literally not stopped talking about it amongst our friends and anyone that will listen!!! We will  highly recommend you at every opportunity, moot and gathering. A holiday and an experience we shall never forget."

 Jim & Pat Dalton, UK


"Dear Helen

It is impossible to put into words my gratitude to you for such an unforgettable time.

You are an excellent guide and a wonderful person.Thank you."

Jane, USA


"Just a few lines to say 'thank you' for the truly wonderful guided tour that you gave us. I'd been told about Orkney by a friend who described it as one of his best ever experiences and having just experienced it ourselves, I'd have to agree.The clarity with which you described and explained what we saw and your enthusiasm for your subject made it all the more memorable. I'll treasure the memory.

We returned to Canberra at lunchtime yesterday after a 36 hour journey from Aberdeen. And after a six week holiday which included Paris, the Rhone and Barcelona, to have Orkney at the top of my memory list speaks volumes for you. Thank you again."

M.L. Canberra, Australia


"We so enjoyed our time with you on Orkney! We loved how you were able to bring to life some of the archeological facts and theories about the neolithic and iron age sites that you took us to. We were able to visit such a variety of places - from tombs, to dwellings that spanned 5,000 to 500 years in age, to standing stones - and all in one day. We were able to get quite a picture of how people lived in this area so many thousands of years ago, which was so enhanced by your ability to convey your research and understanding of these communities. We really enjoyed the personalised custom tour that you set up for us, and would certainly love to be able to return to Orkney for further adventures with you! I do hope to return - it is a place that lives large in my memories. Thanks again for a wonderful experience."



"Thank you for the wonderful tour, my clients were all so grateful and full of praise of both your botanical and historical knowledge and have come home telling everyone of their experience which will make it easy for us to arrange another group to come over."

Windrose Travel


"We found Helen to be very knowledgable. She was easy to be with and was able to adjust to requirements if we wanted to do something different or for longer. Pleased we booked Helen for two days as we had such a long list of places we wanted to see. There is so much to see in Orkney. It can be very cold, especially on exposed sites, wrap up warm so you can stay and appreciate your surroundings."

L&T, New Zealand


"We had a wonderful time on Orkney, never mind the weather. You told us so much more than just the touristy stuff ... Thank you again for showing us your Orkney."

Dawna, Canada


"We sure enjoyed our experience on Orkney, the rain and wind just made it that much more memorable!  You are a wonderful guide and we very much appreciate your deep understanding of the spiritual aspects of the archaeology."

Kim, USA


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"Thank you so much for a wonderful day, you are a wealth of knowledge."

David & Kathy, Australia


"I was most impressed, not just by Helen's knowledge of Orkney and her open friendliness and humour, but her willingness to go the extra mile, whatever the weather, to help us make the most of our trip."

Paul & Ali, Midlands, UK


"Many thanks for the wonderful ceremony & excellent guiding you provided for our short time in Orkney. Both Jane & I agree that without doubt it was the best holiday we have ever had & will truly be indebted to you, Helen & Mark."

Paul Mannering, Kent, UK


"Helen is the most excellent tour guide you will come across. We were so lucky when we visited Orkney to spend a fascinating day travelling about the most important, and most beautiful, archaeological sites. The combination of Helen's background in archaeology and her deep sensitivity to the spiritual meaning of the sites we visited, made for a truly memorable experience. I was entranced by clapping at the Stones of Stenness - you have to try it - but you have to be in a precise position to hear the effect!  Helen will show you where that is. Visiting the many significant sites in Orkney is a must - and we cannot recommend Helen highly enough as your guide."


Maria and Nigel Miller, Hampshire, UK