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Pictish Charm Stones

We also make copies of Pictish Charm Stones.  The Picts were the Late Iron Age inhabitants of Orkney (and elsewhere in Scotland) and the Pictish period dates from before the Viking colonisation, at the beginning of the first millennium AD.


The Picts seem to have practised magic.  At several Pictish sites, such as brochs, archaeologists have found pebbles, often quartz, with strange patterns and decorations painted on them with ground haematite mixed with a fixative.  The usual interpretation is that these were "charm stones" used as lucky talismans.  There are several excellent examples in the Orkney Museum, Tankerness House, Kirkwall, that were found at the Broch of Gurness.  Here is a link to my article, plus another article about these fascinating artefacts, and a further article from Wikipedia with more information.


Our copies are based on those in the Orkney Museum.  The natural quartz pebbles were collected by us from the beach and have been hand painted with ground haematite mixed with eggs from our free-range hens.  The decoration is crude to match the originals and of similar design!  The stone has then been Blessed by us at both the Standing Stones of Stenness (the "Temple of the Moon") and the Ring of Brodgar (the "Temple of the Sun"), to bring the bearer health, wealth and luck.  From us to you, we wish you every Blessing.


During ritual, a "Stone Blessing" can be performed for you.  A Pictish Charm Stone can be passed from guest to guest, each person adding a prayer or Blessing or wish for you.  You then keep the stone as a beautiful reminder of time in Orkney.


Prices start from £5 and can be supplied with or without a handstitched leather pouch or presentation box on request.  Please order in advance.  Plus P&P to anywhere in the world at cost.


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