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Naming a child is an important and joyous social occasion; one in which the newest member of a family is welcomed into the world. However, many parents no longer wish to dedicate their children to a named religion, preferring instead to leave it to the child to decide when they themselves are old enough to do so.


With Spiritual Orkney you can still have a ritual to mark this event, without the commitment to any named religion.


Your naming ceremony can be independent of named religions, or can refer to them as much as you are comfortable with. If you wish, your ritual can still include a formal naming and Blessing of the child, as well as an acknowledgment of the vital role of those who will promise to support the child through life - such as parents, grandparents, "god-parents", and guardians. There can also be a symbolic exchange of gifts.


Our fees for these rituals start from £100 and can include a naming / Blessing for older children, babies, and babies yet to be born. We can also produce ceremonies to Bless the whole family which may be suitable when children from previous relationships are joining into one new family or when children are being adopted.


Naming ceremonies can also be included within relationship Blessing rituals, such as legal weddings, so that the whole family can be included.

Baby & Child-namings

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