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Miniature besoms

Our handmade miniature besoms or broomsticks have two sources of inspiration.  Some couples choose to jump the broomstick at the close of their wedding ritual and we had a number of people asking if they could purchase the broomstick which they jumped over.  Our own full-sized besom ("Esmerelda") is not for sale, so these are offered as an alternative.  The besoms are based on pot-scrapers which were used in the past for washing up!  The handle is made from wood ethically and responsibly sourced in Orkney and the "brush" is made from dried heather from our own land.  The besom can be decorated with threads and ribbons and charms of your choice (depending on availability).



These miniature besoms are easier to transport home than a full-sized besom (Esmerelda is about 1.5 ms long!) and are probably easier to store in the average home too!  Sizes to order, maximum probably about 1 foot / 30 cms in length.


Please order via email, stating your full requirements and allow plenty of time for manufacture.  Prices start at £5 plus P&P (at cost) to anywhere in the world.


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