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Offering a range of sacred & spiritual

services to visitors, guests, seekers & pilgrims,

as well as to the communities of these magical islands ...

Guided meditations, drumming sessions, journeying, healings & rituals

On request, we would be pleased to provide any of these more personal services to enhance your visit to many of the ancient and sacred sites in Orkney. We can provide these on their own or in combination with guiding. Please advise in advance and provide as much information as possible (such as which sites you prefer, what sort of work you would like us to assist with, and so on).


  • Bespoke meditations written just for you, and gentle guidance through them at the site of your choice

  • Drumming for or with you in chambered cairns and stone circles - many sites in Orkney seem to have been built for their accoustic properties

  • Shamanic journeying, healings, and life-rituals to mark important events in your life

  • Exploring geomantric energies and leys with you via dowsing

Stones of Stenness set

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