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Itinerary Planning Service

If you don't wish to book us as tourist guides BUT you do want to make sure that you make the most of your time in Orkney, you can arrange for us to design a personal itinerary, planned just for you and based on your individual interests.


This service is available from £15, depending on the number of days we are asked to plan your itinerary for.  Our local knowledge will provide you with grid co-ordinates, detailed and clear directions, opening and accessible times of sites, brief description of sites, plus a suggested route with the potential to save your mileage and time.


We will also provide details of any charges such as entrance fees or travel fares and we will even suggest suitable places for refreshments / meals suitable to your budget. We also pre-book any sites which require pre-booking if you request us to to do (for some busy sites pre-booking well in advance is the only way to guarantee entry).


Please provide us with as much information as possible including your transport arrangements, where you are staying, when you arrive and depart Orkney and how (which ferry, plane etc), the dates of your tour, the numbers of people in your party and any mobility issues, your interests and any "must sees".  Please provide as much notice as possible so that we have adequate time to carry out the required research.  Your itinerary will be forwarded to you in a PDF format.

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