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Offering a range of sacred & spiritual

services to visitors, guests, seekers & pilgrims,

as well as to the communities of these magical islands ...

Handcarved Stones

We take natural Orkney stones and carve designs into them; they make lovely ornaments, altar items or pendants.  Designs can be ancient prehistoric symbols such as spirals and chevrons, runes and oghams, or other symbols.


During ritual, a "Stone Blessing" can be performed for you.  One of these handcarved stones can be passed from guest to guest, each person adding a prayer or Blessing or wish for you.  You then keep the stone as a beautiful reminder of time in Orkney.


Prices start from £5 and can be supplied with or without a handstitched leather pouch or presentation box on request.  Please order in advance.  Plus P&P to anywhere in the world at cost.


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