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People who are grieving are not always aware that there are alternatives to having a service conducted by a Christian Minister or Humanist Officiant, but as Independent Funeral Celebrants, we have the freedom to offer funeral services that more accurately fit YOUR beliefs and philosophies.


In today’s modern, increasingly secular and multi-faith society, many people describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious”; they may have developed their own unique ideas about life and death which might not be fully reflected by either a religious or an atheist funeral service. We now provide an alternative.


You may have found our web-site because you have been searching for Independent Funeral Celebrants based in Orkney or perhaps we have been recommended by a Funeral Director. However you have found us, we are fully aware that our first contact with you is likely to be at a time that is sad and difficult for you. We would like to start by reassuring you that we will work sensitively with you to create a unique and beautiful funeral service that is fully sympathetic to your and your loved one’s beliefs.


Our funeral ceremonies are centred on the individual life of the deceased and are designed to bring comfort to those who are left bereaved. We can offer funeral services where there is no mention of religion or God at all, or we can include hymns, songs, blessings, readings, poems, prayers, and meditations from any combination of religious or spiritual tradition. Family and friends are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the service by contributing their own tributes – perhaps by speaking or through music. All of our ceremonies offer ways of saying “goodbye” that are intended to be personal and meaningful for everyone present.  


We work closely with you to create a ritual which the deceased would have wanted and which will aim to provide solace to those who are grieving. Each ceremony we create is a bespoke tribute, written respectfully and with honour. We try to find the right emotional mood which fits what the mourners deem appropriate: whether that is dignified, sombre, positive, humorous or uplifting. We focus on life, not on death; on what made the person who has died a special and unique individual.


We usually start by meeting with the family, or close friends, to discuss their requirements. This initial meeting will take about an hour or two; we will take notes and ask questions during this time – and you will be welcomed to ask questions of us in return: our working process is deliberately collaborative.  


We expect you to ask: “Could we ...?”


We expect to reply: “Yes, of course ...”


We have both trained with, and are members of, The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. Membership provides us with public liability insurance.


Our fees for funerals start from £100 and will be mutually discussed and agreed with you depending on your particular requirements and the total time committment required from us; expenses may also be due.



Funeral Celebrancy Services

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  "When my mum passed away unexpectedly, circumstances unfortunately dictated that I wasn't able to have any say in the arrangements for her funeral but mum had made sure I had her ashes in my safe keeping with instructions for them to be scattered where she loved: Birsay, in Orkney.

 When I first met up with Helen and Mark l had no idea what I wanted, but their patient and gentle guidance was so reassuring and comforting that I was able to start the process of grieving for my mum and to make the arrangements I wanted for a special ceremony to scatter her ashes.

 I cannot recommend Helen and Mark enough, we met on a number of occasions and they gave me all the time I needed without any pressure “to get a move on”, they were sensitive to my needs and those of any guests coming to the ceremony. The result was a beautiful, special and peaceful goodbye to my mum in a way that honoured her memory with lots of love and, yes, even laughter!

 I will forever be in their debt for the care and love they gave me at such a difficult time. If you are looking for someone who can give your loved one a personal ceremony based around them and your needs, please consider Helen and Mark as your first choice. You will be so glad you did."

 WJ, Orkney