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Offering a range of sacred & spiritual

services to visitors, guests, seekers & pilgrims,

as well as to the communities of these magical islands ...

For all questions about legal weddings, please refer to these FAQs on our Orkney Pagan Weddings web-site.


This sounds ideal, what do we do if we want to book?


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  You are very welcome to make further enquiries without any obligation to proceed.


How much notice do we have to give?


To us: as much notice as possible please.  We will perform rituals and tours at short notice, depending on our availability, but we prefer as much notice as possible.


For legal weddings you need to provide to the Registrar: a minimum of 29 days and a maximum of 12 weeks.  The minimum can be waived in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Registrar.  


Where is Orkney and how do we get there?


Please look at our "How to get here" page all about how to get to Orkney and travelling within Orkney.


Can you recommend anywhere for us to stay?


Of course, many of our friends run B&Bs, hotels and self-catering lets - or there are places where we have stayed ourselves which we can recommend.  Please see our "Where to stay" page.  Please note we can only recommend places, we cannot make bookings for you for legal reasons.


We're not Pagans, or even particularly religious, can you perform a ritual / ceremony for us?


Let us reassure you that you certainly don't have to think of yourself as a "Pagan" to use our services!  We are fully independent celebrants, trained to provide a ritual which reflects the beliefs of the people who commission us, rather than our beliefs.  We are very open minded to all manner of beliefs.


How much will it cost?


For tourist guiding please refer to our "Tour Guiding Costs" page.

Our fees for rituals start from £100, with most weddings & relationship blessing rituals being in the range £300-£400.  Please note that until we know what you require for your ritual, it is difficult for us to quote accurately, so please provide us with as much information as possible.


Why are you asking us for a deposit before you know what your total charge will be?


If you wish to book a date for a ceremony or for tourist guiding, we will require a non-returnable deposit of £50 per day.  This secures the date just for you.  We will not ask for a deposit until after we have agreed with you that we are the best people for you. When we accept a deposit for a booking we cannot accept any other work on that date, your deposit covers us for any loss of income should you cancel your booking for any reason.  If we are able to, we can hold your deposit against a different date (if that date is free) if you subsequently need to change the date of your ritual or tour.


Do you make any crafts?


Yes, we make a range of other items for your special day and spiritual practice, please see our "Crafts" pages.


Can you help us to arrange our reception and other wedding things?


We are Celebrants, not wedding planners.  We only plan the ceremony itself.  We are happy to make recommendations to you  but we are not able to make bookings for you with other agencies, you would have to do that yourselves.  We can recommend an Orkney-based wedding planner on application.


Can you recommend a photographer for us?


We are happy to make recommendations to you, if you are on a budget we offer a wedding photography service ourselves with prices in the range £75-£150, please contact us for further information.


Do you have any testimonials?


Masses on our "Testimonials" page also lots of photographs on our "Gallery" page of our Orkney Pagan Weddings web-site. 

Frequestly Asked Questions

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