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Offering a range of sacred & spiritual

services to visitors, guests, seekers & pilgrims,

as well as to the communities of these magical islands ...



We fully appreciate that all bookings are personal and special, so we will do the majority of communication with you individually and in person, either by email or telephone - it's all part of our service! We also Skype on request - just give us reasonable notice please.


However, we prefer initial communication using the form below, please. Please supply as much information as possible about your requirements.


Ensure that your email address is correctly typed - otherwise we can't reply! We aim to reply to all emails within 48 hours but sometimes our lives dictate that this is not always possible - please be patient with us, but sometimes we are simply unable to provide an immediate response.


As an alternative to using this form, please email us directly at info@spiritualorkney.co.uk.  If you do, it would be helpful if you could tell us:

  • which of our services you are interested in booking: tourist guiding, celebrancy, crafts, or other

  • a method by which we should reply to you

  • any dates you are interested in booking, including year

  • which country you usually reside in


If you do not get a reply from us, at any stage, please check your spam folders OR telephone 018 56 761 133 (evenings and weekends only please).


We use your information only to communicate with you and to provide a service to you. We may store your information in digital, on-line or paper form in order to facilitate this. We NEVER sell or disclose your information to third parties (although sometimes we may have to discuss matters with the Registrar - only applies to legal weddings). We do everything reasonable to ensure your personal data is kept secure and private. If you submit information to us, you AGREE to us storing your data in these formats and for these purposes.

When using this web-site, please refer to our disclaimers, copyrights, and limitation of liabilities as detailed on our Legalities page. We NEVER sell or pass on your personal information or contact data without your permission. We store your information in paper and electronic format SOLELY for the purposes of contacting you and providing you with the service(s) you request from us. If you submit information to us, you AGREE to us storing your data in these formats and for these purposes.  

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