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Offering a range of sacred & spiritual

services to visitors, guests, seekers & pilgrims,

as well as to the communities of these magical islands ...

If you want a ritual that is spiritual, unique, beautiful and memorable ... a ceremony written just for you and your special circumstances ... which reflects your beliefs and which respects all who are in attendance ... and which is conducted at a time and place to suit you ...


... then consider commissioning us to work with you to create and perform a ritual which is perfect for you and your loved ones.


We are both experienced in composing and performing different styles of ritual and ceremony. Although we specialise in designing rituals which include elements of "Earth Spirituality" or which combine themes from different belief-systems, we are trained as independent Celebrants and can assist you in producing a ceremony that meets your exact and personal requirements ... NOT ours!


We have both trained with, and are members of, The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. Membership provides us with public liability insurance.


Our fees for ceremonies start from £100 and will be mutually discussed and agreed with you depending on your particular requirements and the type of ritual you are requesting.

Professional Celebrancy Services

When using this web-site, please refer to our disclaimers, copyrights, and limitation of liabilities as detailed on our Legalities page.

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We create and officiate ceremonies to celebrate ...

  • Weddings & Relationships including:

  •     Wedding Blessings & Handfastings

  •     Fully Legal Weddings

  •     Renewals of vows rituals

  •     Betrothal & Engagement ceremonies

  • Hand-partings (non-legal divorce and separation rituals)

  • Baby & child-namings

  • Coming of age - including ceremonies to mark:

  •     Adulthood

  •     Retirement

  •     Croning and Eldering rituals

  • Funerals including:

  •     Grave-side

  •     Scattering of ashes

  •     Eulogies

  •     Memorials

  •     Pets

  • Combinations (e.g. Wedding & baby-naming together)

  • Any and all other liife rituals on request