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as well as to the communities of these magical islands ...

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Helen writes a Blog, well, it's more a series of articles than a Blog ... these links tell the story about why Helen & Mark moved to Orkney and the spiritual adventures they have been having since arriving as well as trying to communicate a little of what is so special about these gorgeous islands.


Most contributions start with a description of a site and then go on to a contemplation or spiritual lesson.


We hope these writings might encourage YOU to come to Orkney on holiday or, if you are here already, to get you off the tourist trail and into some of the special secret places ...


Many of these articles have been published and this is stated where applicable.


To go to the Blog and the most recent article: Blog.


Individual articles:


How I got to be here


The Ring of Brodgar




How I became a muckle black wallowa - Evie Beach


Ode to the old cockerel


Going underground - accessing the Gods in the Iron Age


The Greenwood in Orkney


Hearth and Home - The similarities in Orkney house design through the millenia




The Knowes of Trotty - a meditation on power


Holy Wells in Orkney


Midhowe - a comtemplation of death


Walking the Labyrinth


Animal Totems in the Neolithic - how this Magpie got her name


Earl's Palace, Birsay - Cursing (things we don't like to admit to Part 1)


Orkney Wedding Traditions


The Ness of Brodgar


St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall - Mending my relationship with Jesus (things we don't like to admit to Part 2)


The Dwarfie Stane, Hoy


Ness Battery - a meditation on gilding the past


Orkney Witches


The Italian Chapel


Element and landscape meditation


Wasdale Loch and Burn


The Earl's Palace, Kirkwall


Pictish Charm Stones

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